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Malecare is fueled entirely on your generous donations and in kind support. Our support groups have grown. Over the last tne years, we've helped several thousand men and their families live beyond their cancer diagnosis. Our biggest cost is this website, which is in desperate need of re-design. is the internet's most frequently visited prostate cancer information website...amazing considering the competition of mulit million dollar nonprofits. We need to raise several thousand more dollars than we have in past years, to help us make worthy of it's many site visitors. Make 2010 a year of  achievement.  Please donate via our secure PayPal link with your credit card,

  or, please write your check out to "Malecare, Inc." and mail to:

125 Second Ave, Room 13
New York  NY  10003

Malecare is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.  Our IRS nonprofit tax ID number is 13-4057382. 

100% of your donations will be used directly for our program support. 

If you would like to verify that we are a registered non-profit organization, you can see our report on Guidestar - The National Database for Nonprofits.   


Email or telephone 212 844 8369 if you have any questions about donations or in-kind giving.


Your donations are more than likely to be entirely tax deductible, but, obviously, we can not speak for your specific tax situation and suggest that you consult a certified tax professional.

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